Go club "nad Odrą"

The Go Club "nad Odrą" has been in existence since spring 2019 and brings together Wroclaw go players, thus continuingthe tradition of earlier clubs associated with Wroclaw University of Technology and the NAMI Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation. Thanks to the activity of Oleksandr Yeroshkin assisted by Svitlana Saltan and Marcin Kosz, the Club can boast a wide range of activity both in organizing tournaments (18 tournaments have been held since its foundation, including 8 Class A tournaments) and internal club meetings. This is because, thanks to our cooperation with the Local Activity Center, we have a permanent seat, which, in addition to providing space for playing, also makes it easier for us to take care of equipment and maintain the highest standards of operation. In this way we remain one of the most active Clubs in Poland, and our plans for the current year, in addition to hosting the PYGC, also include organizing at least 3 other tournaments in May, September (PGC qualification) and November.


Oleksandr Yeroshkin
Mail: sasha.yeroshkin@go.art.pl
Phone: +48 881 457 492