Polish Youth Go Championships 2023


1Szychowiak, Mariannapl-Bydg2 Kyu193993+4+2+6+5+5930161
2Bugaj, Antonipl-Wars1 Kyu202884+5+1-3+7+4831149
3Barcicki, Tymoteuszpl-Pozn3 Kyu179171-6+5+2-4+3732159
4Siwy, Adampl-Szcz7 Kyu144762-1-6+5+3-2633158
5Bednarska, Juliapl-Toru8 Kyu129656+2-3-4-1-1534157
6Kowalski, Marekpl-Pozn10 Kyu89345-3-4-1-8-0431146
7Lubinski, Jakubpl-Toru17 Kyu20049+8+10+12+2-442082
8Bugaj, Zofiapl-Joze18 Kyu254411+7-9+10+6+441784
9Barcicki, Kacperpl-Pozn17 Kyu38837-11+8-14+13+331270
10Tyrala, Michalpl-Rzes30 Kyu0312+13+7-8-14+331171
11Szopa, Rysiopl-Wars20 Kyu16038-9-14+13+12+331063
12Kolinska, Nataliapl-Bydg30 Kyu0210-14+13+7-11-221164
13Chometa, Szymonpl-Wroc30 Kyu0114+10-12-11-9-111156
14Chometa, Mateuszpl-Wroc30 Kyu0013-12-11-9-10-001255

About the championships

This is one of the most important annual events in the world of Polish go. Anyone up to the age of 20, regardless of their strength, can take part in them (the requirement here, however, is Polish citizenship or a permanent residence card). Although fierce competition takes place at them and there is a lot of excitement, there is always a nice, friendly atmosphere. Not everyone wins everything, but everyone is rewarded. These are certainly unforgettable moments for the participants, and even more so for the parents cheering them on.

Sponsor of the MPJ will be the China Town Chinese Restaurant Network, which has been operating since 1997 and currently employs about forty people is run by China Town" (Poland) (Schwester Company Sp. z o. o.). "China Town" (Poland) Group is a company primarily engaged in the following activities: business, catering, tourism and Chinese language learning. "China Town" (Poland) Group is the initiator and sponsor of the establishment of the Polish-Chinese Economic and Cultural Society and the Chinese School in Warsaw, as well as the only Internet portal for Chinese in Poland, PlChinese. In 2007. "China Town" (Poland) Group established the China Town Travel Agency organizing travel and tours from Poland to China and from China to Poland. The value of the pool of cash prizes donated by the group will be 3,000 PLN.

The winners of the Championships who decide to take part in the European Junior Championships and the World Junior Championships will be supported by PSG.

This is the first time we meet at this event in Wroclaw. We hope that this year's edition will be as successful as the previous ones in Bydgoszcz.

We cordially invite you and already wish all young players good luck and only good games.


Game rules
Number of rounds
60 min + 3x30s byo-yomi
Oleksandr Yeroshkin
PYGC tournament rules (PL)

Event schedule

10.06.2023 - Saturday
  • 9:00 Registration
  • 9:30 Opening
  • 9:45 Round I
  • 12:45 Round II
  • 15:45 Lunch break
  • 16:15 Round III
11.06.2023 - Sunday
  • 9:30 Presence confirmation
  • 9:45 Round IV
  • 12:45 Round V
  • 15:00 Ending ceremony